Top 5 Most Effective Alcohol Advertisers, According To Ace Metrix

The Most Effective Booze Advertisers
fresh beer in glass with foam...
fresh beer in glass with foam...

Ace Metrix, a company that studies television and video analytics, has released its Brand of the Year Watch List, which compiles leading TV brand advertisers across 23 industries and 85 categories. Ace Metrix conducts online surveys and scores every nationally airing television advertisement and reports on a brand's overall effectiveness.

One category that had significant movement this year was alcoholic beverages. For the 2012 list, big beer brands such as Budweiser, Miller and Coors are absent from the list, whereas smaller brewers like Blue Moon and Samuel Adams are present. Last year, this was not the case. Recent evidence has shown a growing interest in craft beer though, and this metric helps to prove it. Moreover, this list shows that craft brewers are getting more serious about their advertising campaigns, we're guessing in hopes to make a dent in an industry largely dominated by massive companies.

Check out the top alcohol brand advertisers of the year:

Blue Moon

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