Most Expensive Bacon Sandwich In The World Costs $235

The Bacon Bling sandwich at Tangberry's cafe in the resort town of Cheltenham in western England set a new record for the world's most expensive bacon sandwich this past weekend, according to the World Record Academy. The sandwich, which was invented by 41-year-old Tangberry's owner Paul Philips, sells for a whopping £150, the equivalent, at Feb. 11 exchange rates, of $235. That 38 times as much as the second-most expensive bacon sandwich on the Tangberry's menu [PDF].

The sandwich's high price is justified, to some extent, by the expensive ingredients between the two halves of the roll. It includes, in addition to eggs and "rare breed bacon," black truffles, truffle oil, gold leaf, gold dust and saffron, which the World Record Academy says cost a total of £50. But that doesn't mean that Philips plans on the sandwich bringing in the bacon for his restaurant. All proceeds from its sale will be donated to SKRUM, a non-profit organization that provides children in Swaziland social education using rugby.

Here's a photo of the Bacon Bling sandwich:

most expensive bacon sandwich

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