Most Expensive Cities For Americans Worldwide (PHOTOS)

TripAdvisor released it's inaugural price comparison list, TripIndex, which priced out 50 cities around the world and how inexpensive or costly they are against the U.S. dollar.

The index was priced out in four categories for each destination: cost per night of a four-star hotel (gauged between June and August 2011), cost of a dry martini (guess that's universal enough), cost of a five mile taxi ride, and, perhaps most arbitrarily, the cost of a large cheese pizza. (*CHECK OUT THE PRICE FOR EACH ITEM BELOW THE SLIDESHOW*)

So what were the findings? Asia, surprisingly, was found to be the most affordable continent for American travelers--Europe was the most expensive. Not a real shocker. New York is the most expensive domestic destination and Paris was found to be the costliest city in the world for Americans. Luckily its Paris. We're still watching "Taken" on endless loop.

Value against the dollar is one of the most important considerations for American travelers planning international trips,” Karen Drake, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor, said in a press release. “TripIndex offers a useful means of setting realistic budget expectations and reveals some outstanding destination deals.

So how did your favorite destinations add up? Can you afford to travel there or are you pretty much screwed?

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