PR Bait: The Most Expensive Restaurant Dish Gimmicks

It's a simple formula: your so-so restaurant needs a pick-me-up, and your PR people think some media mentions will do the trick.

You take a standard dish offering -- an omelette, a bagel, a martini, a burger -- and add some combination of: black truffles, foie gras, gold leaf, caviar, a diamond, etc. Add some zeros to the price, blast out a press release for the new menu item, and your fledging establish is mentioned in papers and TV news broadcasts across the country and maybe the world, and online mentions abound. It doesn't ever need to be ordered, of course. The point is you're SO FUN AND WILD and you can EAT THE GOLD! And there are truffles! It's classy.

So, in the half-baked hope of never again reading of a truffle'd/foie gras'd/diamond'd enter common dish here, here are 10 of the most ridiculously transparent PR bait restaurant dish gimmicks of the last few years.

PR Bait: The Worst Uber-Expensive Restaurant Dish Gimmicks