The World's Most Expensive Hot Dogs (PHOTOS)

Wait, how much is that hot dog??

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, we decided to round up some of the world's most lavish, decadent, extravagant and expensive hot dogs for your viewing pleasure.

For most of us, a little mustard and sauerkraut will do. Some of us use (shudder) ketchup. Chicagoans will tell you it's just not worth eating a hot dog without relish, sport peppers, celery salt -- well, the whole grocery store, basically. (Just kidding Chicagoans, you make one of our favorite hot dogs of all time.)

But the hot dogs we're gawking at today are a different breed. These franks are soaked in cognac, made of high-end beef, topped with lobster, caviar and, in a few cases, gold. We are talking about seriously luxurious tubes of meat. We would definitely give at least one of these a whirl -- if, say, someone were gifting us luxury hot dogs.

World's Most Expensive Hot Dogs