Pricey Snoozes -- The 5 Most Expensive Hotels In The World

When money's no object, then there's ample reasons to stay in the five most expensive hotels in the world. Of course, for most of us, this is not a reality. But we can still dream ... can't we?

This resort is considered one of the finest in all of Greece, and comes with an equally fine price tag. For a meager $35,000 per night, you can get a suite that features two master bedrooms, an audaciously sized bathroom, your own private butler, sun bathing room and private viewing deck. Don't overlook the included massage table and therapist, who can waft away your worries about spending with a Swedish massage.

With a private jacuzzi tub, it will be easier to shake off the $37,500 per night that you will be dropping on this suite, which overlooks the Bay of Cannes, by the way. Featured on the seventh floor, this penthouse boasts two master bedrooms, a living room, two all-marble bathrooms and a dining room. The butler will cost you extra, though.

This one is tricky to book. That's because you actually have to apply via an application and wait, or hope, for the owner to contact you back and approve you. Hint-hint, typically only billionaires are approved for the $40,000-per-night lavishness offered here. With the resort being owned by Red Bull billionaire Dietrick Mateschitz, we can only guess what this suite offers, as they only list a price, not the amenities. But use your imagination.

Who other than Four Seasons to offer a $45,000-per-night hotel room? With 18th-century Japanese silk pillows, you will assuredly get a sound night's sleep. A private library offers over 100 books, and the 360-degree floor-to-ceiling views mean that you will have the best penthouse in NYC. Of course, it will cost you the price of a luxury automobile each night. But hey, who's counting?

Pennies for the ultra-wealthy, this suite will tax you $67,000 per evening, and is pegged as the most expensive hotel room in the world. You will get 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms with 1,800 square meters of space overlooking Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. Kick back and watch the 103-inch plasma TV, enjoy the fine art collection and play some keys on the Steinway grand piano as you wonder how quickly you can drain your bank account.

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