Most Expensive House in Miami: $60 Million

We are a country of optimists, and nowhere can more be found per square inch than the investors who are buying up the south Florida real estate market. We're not sure how this not-so-little gem escaped their notice since it's been billed as Miami's most expensive piece of real estate and has been on the market for $60 million since the spring.

The 30,000-square-foot newly constructed estate was designed by modernist architect Rene Gonzalez and sits on two acres by the bay on Indian Creek Island. And if you have to ask what Indian Creek Island is, you can't afford to live there.

For those to whom it matters, this is a certified "green" house; that would not be me. I'm more impressed by the 3,000-square-foot master bedroom suite, the rooftop lawn and Jacuzzi, the chromotherapy spa and massage room at the waterfront, and the five-star movie theater. This place screams "luxury resort" at me and I would want to know if room service is included in the price. There is a library and separate quarters for the live-in staff. The grounds include an area for yoga, a waterfall, and a 100-foot resort style swimming pool.

The home's entry is surrounded by a 2,000-square-foot elliptical Koi pond filled with with rare species. And there is a full catering kitchen as well as the normal person's kitchen, which in this case is made entirely of teak.

The Indian Creek community has its own police force and a private, 18-hole golf course. Listing agents The Jills -- Jill Eber and partner Jill Hertzberg, both of Coldwell Banker -- have called the estate "a work of art" and they get no argument from us.

But want our prediction? Watch for a price reduction after the first of the year and an international buyer stepping up soon thereafter.

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