The 'Most Expensive Ice Cream In The World' Costs $817 A Scoop

The 'Most Expensive Ice Cream In The World' Costs $817 A Scoop

Going out for ice cream isn't cheap these days. As The New York Times notes, it's not uncommon to pay $4 for a small scoop without any toppings. Add some "organic whipped cream, sustainable strawberries and French bittersweet chocolate chunks," and you're in double digits territory before you know it.

But just how much is too much? How about $817 for a scoop!

This isn't fantasy. This is real life. According to Business Insider, a shop in Dubai called Scoopi Cafe serves an $817 scoop called the "Black Diamond," and BI reports it is "considered to be the most expensive ice cream in the world." It'd better be!

The Black Diamond is a scoop of Madagascar vanilla ice cream topped with Italian truffles, Iranian saffron and edible 23-karat gold flakes. The ice cream is served in a Versace bowl, which anyone who orders the Black Diamond can keep.

black diamond

Though we couldn't immediately turn up evidence of a pricier single scoop, the title of "most expensive ice cream" doesn't seem entirely settled. News outlets including AOL and The Telegraph are hedging reports with words like "may be" and "might be." "May?" If there's a pricer ice cream out there, show your face! (On second thought, please don't: The $1,000 sundae from Chicago's Lanhgam Hotel is enough already.)

According to Business Insider, only two Black Diamonds have sold so far. Could there be a third person in the world willing to pay this much? Scoopi shop owner Zubin Doshi seems to think so. Doshi told Arabian Business that "Popular ice-cream products in the city are priced lower, but we expect Dubai's increasingly aspirational consumers to readily pay a premium for a superior product.”

That's one seriously aspirational consumer.

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