The Most Expensive Refrigerators Have One Particular Feature In Common (PHOTO)

LOOK: The Most Expensive Refrigerators Have One Feature In Common

There are many ways to spend a few spare (ha!) thousands: Vacations, investments, designer gowns, jewelry, a room full of candy.

Yes, the lowly home refrigerator -- which got a patent on this day in 1899 -- has become subject to the "luxury" treatment. Turns out there are indeed luxurious ways to keep your yogurt cold... and a demand for that sort of thing.

Here's a look at a few of the most expensive refrigerators on the market now, all of which are in the french door/armoire style. I suppose the traditional door arrangement is a sign of less particular tastes?

Sub-Zero Pro 48, $15,970 (MSRP)
subzero refrigerator
You could pay for a couple semesters of college at a state school. Or, you could just keep your broccoli in view at all times, with this model's glass door feature. I kind of like this design feature, as long as you are good about keeping your fridge attractively organized at all times.

Meneghini La Cambusa, $41,500
meneghini refrigerator
The starting price of this model is around $26,000. The starting price of a Honda Accord, one of the most popular cars in America: $21,680. But can an Accord be customized with a coffee maker, microwave, pantry and more neat add-ons? Probably not. Legally, at least.

In the market for a fridge that also acts as a convenient talking point? Look no further.


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