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The World's Most Expensive Restaurant Is Where?

We've located the world's most expensive restaurant and it's definitely not in our price range.

We've stumbled upon the world's most expensive restaurant, and it's completely incredible. While the chef was able to describe it in just a few words (passion, gastronomy, radically different), we've created a list of the most important things to know about this crazy dining experience.

It's called "Sublimotion."
And it's located in Ibiza -- an island more well known for its penchant for partying than Michelin-starred chefs.
Paco Rancero is that Michelin-starred chef.
...And he's pretty much amazing. In 2005 he won Best Chef of the Future, which he followed up with a 2006 National Gastronomy Award. Currently, he has two Michelin stars and three Suns in the Repsol Guide.
The restaurant is a part of a famous hotel chain.
Sublimotion will open in the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa de Bossa, where Roncero has a workshop to dream up amazing dining experiences.
Sublimotion has a very limited amount of seating.
Only 12 patrons are allowed in the restaurant at once.
The whole point of the dining experience...
...Is to elicit an "emotional experience." And how can you not get emotional after seeing something as crazy beautiful as this?
The entire meal will set you back around two grand.
That's right, €1,500 per person, or just a little over $2,000 for the "gastro-sensory meal."
And for that price, you get a whopping 20 courses.
Maybe don't snack before dining here.
Every facet of the meal is controlled through 3 dashboards.
The person operating those screens controls the flavors and sounds of the restaurant -- all according to Chef Paco's voice.
The place where you eat is called a "microenvironment."
Which yes, sort of sounds creepy. BUT LOOK AT HOW COOL THE TABLES ARE!! Or should we call them "microtables?"
But something that's entirely evident?
Is that the brains behind Sublimotion thought of everything. Even the humidityof the microenvironment is adjusted throughout the meal.

Take the Sublimotion tour by watching their promotional video here:

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