You Won't Believe What The Most Expensive Video Game Console Ever Is

Have you even heard of it?
The Neo Geo cost <a href="" target="_blank">a
The Neo Geo cost a whopping $649.99 when it came out in 1990.

Any gamer can tell you: Video games ain't cheap. But some systems are certainly more affordable than others.

Quartz reporter Mike Murphy compiled a new collection of data showcasing the price of video game consoles, adjusted for inflation. The results certainly put the $599 Oculus Rift into perspective, as the all-time priciest system is the relatively obscure Neo Geo, which launched in 1990 for the equivalent of $1,179 today. (It was $649.99 back then.)

Take a look:

<a href="" target="_blank">View an interactive version of this chart</a>.

At least you were getting your money's worth from the Neo Geo. Somewhat unbelievably, the system was still supported as late as 2004, when its final game -- "Samurai Shodown V Special" -- was released.

The chart also reveals that Nintendo systems have always been pretty good values. All things equal, Nintendo consoles fall toward the bottom of the list, perhaps because the company places such emphasis on first-party software like "Mario Kart" and "Super Smash Brothers." The company makes a lot of money on its own games and original properties, in other words.

Some might complain Nintendo's systems also seem a bit outdated by the time they're released -- in terms of sheer horsepower, the Wii lagged behind the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, much as the Wii U is technically less impressive than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Still, kids might do well to take this list to heart when composing their birthday wish lists. "But mom, the Wii U is a good value, I swear!"

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