12 Of The World's Most Expensive Bottles Of Wine

12 Of The World's Most Expensive Bottles Of Wine

Every wonder what $4,000 tastes like? How about $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000? While some might just long to make this amount in a year, others desire to contain that large sum of cash in a bottle of wine -- which they may or may not be able to drink.

While the sale of some of these notable wines exceeds the price of a family-sized home, it has not deterred people from purchasing such rare vintage bottles that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson, or ones saved from a shipwreck. Some argue that a bottle of wine is more than what it seems -- it is actually a work of art. With that perspective, it becomes easy to see why some bottles skyrocket in price. Just better be sure that bottle isn't corked.

1978 Montrachet: $24,000

10 Incredibly Expensive Wines

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