Most Followed On Twitter: #140 Most POPULAR Tweeters


So long Billionaire Boys Club, say goodbye to the "Most Exclusive Club in the World." There's a new, more exclusive stratosphere to puncture: Twitter's most-followed users. We've collected the 140 most popular characters, bloggers, celebrities, athletes, actors and politicians -- based on number of followers -- in one place.

Sorry, in advance, to such Twitter luminaries as Conan O'Brien, Newt Gingrich, and Twitter's own Ev -- even with 1 million-plus followers, they still don't make the list.

Vote on your favorites, #followfriday their latest tweets and follow HuffPost's list of the top 140 tweeters! And while we're at it, #followfriday @HuffingtonPost, @HuffPostTech, and @AriannaHuff.

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