The 11 Most Generous Designers

As part of our series on generosity in business, we're looking at some of the designers doing the best in their field at giving back and moving the world forward through their work.

As part on an on-going series, Co.Exist and Catchafire are presenting an ongoing investigation of bold generosity with the goal of understanding its causes, its benefits and how to inspire more. We'll be interviewing a long list of impressive changemakers, who have demonstrated their generosity through acts of service, rather than exclusively deep-pocketed philanthropy.

This is the latest post in a series on generosity, in conjunction with Catchafire.

Last month, we talked to the 10 most generous social media mavens. Today, we have our 11 most generous designers. This is an innovative group (co-curated by Ric Grefé, the executive director of the AIGA) by who are using design to make the world a better place. Whether creating a compelling graphic to raise money or developing a cause awareness campaign or producing a never-before-seen-product that improves an infant's livelihood, these creative thinkers are impacting our society in ways that are hard to forget.

We'll doing in depth profiles of these designers, their work and their thoughts on giving back through the practice of design over the next several weeks, so come back to find out more about them and why they were chosen. Here, then, are the 11 most generous designers: