These Are The Top 10 Most Generous U.S. Cities

Did yours make the cut?
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Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes how the people in its largest city give to those in need.

Charity Navigator, a watchdog that ranks United States-based nonprofits, released a report Tuesday on the nation’s most generous cities, and Houston came out on top.

The researchers analyzed the country’s 30 largest metropolitan markets and determined which were the most giving by examining the inner working of the area’s nonprofits. Specifically, it compared the median performance and size of the largest nonprofits in those markets.

Charity Navigator found that the cost of living, a market’s maturity and a city’s tendency to support one or two specialized causes influence how nonprofits raise money, manage costs and handle other day-to-day tasks.

“Simply put, there’s a tremendous amount of philanthropic energy in that community right now,” Michael Thatcher, president and CEO of Charity Navigator, said in a statement about Houston.

Here are the top 10 most generous cities in the U.S.

10 - Cleveland
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9 - Baltimore
8 - Phoenix
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7 - Miami
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6 - Minneapolis/St. Paul
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Minneapolis and St Paul highway sign
5/4 - San Diego
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San Diego and Dallas were tied.
5/4 - Dallas
David J. Phillip/AP
San Diego and Dallas were tied.
3 - Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida
Gary John Norman via Getty Images
2 - St. Louis
Panoramic Images via Getty Images
1 - Houston
joe daniel price via Getty Images

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