The Most-Googled Super Bowl Snacks In Every State

This analysis breaks down people's Super Bowl food preference by state and city.

The Super Bowl is not just a big day for sports. It’s practically a national food holiday as well. From chicken wings to mini hot dogs to all the amazing dips, there are countless delicious ― and not particularly healthy ― dish options on game day.

But people’s Super Bowl Sunday food preferences seem to vary depending on the state (and even the city) where they live. The online marketplace Big-on-Equipment analyzed Google Trends data to identify the most popular Super Bowl snack in every state and 20 major cities.

The cocktail wiener reigns supreme in the highest number of states, holding the top search spot in 11 states ― Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Dips are also fan favorites, as they took the top spot in 20 states and 11 cities. Fittingly, seven-layer dip was the most popular Super Bowl food in seven states ― North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Texas. Meanwhile, Buffalo chicken dip is the preferred choice in Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii and Florida.

The company also surveyed 1,224 Americans to discover the average amount spent on food, drinks, decorations and merch for the big game ($69), cost of hosting a party ($174) and various game-watching preferences.

See below for their full breakdown of Super Bowl Sunday stats and visit Big-on-Equipment’s website for more information about the methodology.


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