Most Hated YouTube Video: Justin Bieber Tops With 1 Million Dislikes

The Most Hated Video On YouTube

Sorry Beliebers. Your idol is the most hated boyman on all of YouTube.

With over 1,150,340 dislikes, and counting, as well as a full five videos on the top ten most disliked video list, little baby Bieber of formerly moptopped fame has more virtual thumbs down on his "Baby" video than any other contender. Over 4 million comments below discuss the merits--or lack thereof--of the vid.

Close behind is viral hit "Friday" by tween chanteuse Rebecca Black, which, despite having been up for only 6 weeks, has already reached 1,095,855 dislikes and 61 million views.

Bieber's "Never Say Never," "One Less Lonely Girl," "Somebody To Love," and "Never Let You Go" also make the top ten, alongside vintage viral hits like "Evolution of Dance," "Chocolate Rain," and "Charlie bit my finger -- again!"

Take heart, though: "Baby" also became the first video ever to reach 500 million views today.

Watch the most hated video ever below:

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