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Whether it's an abandoned shack, a haunted hotel or a spirit-infested slice of the great outdoors, America's most haunted destinations make for excellent -- albeit excellently spooky -- Halloween weekenders.

The ghostbusters experts at Foursquare were kind enough to point out the freakiest abandoned, creepy and spooky places in the U.S., to add to your Halloweekend to-do list. They're located all over this ghoulishly great nation, so no matter where you are, don't fret: The spirits are near enough to visit.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Matt Rourke/AP
Inmates have reported ghost sightings since the 1940s, but they have actually increased since this jail was abandoned in 1971. The audio tour will make you shiver.
Lafayette Square Park, Washington, D.C.
kropic via Getty Images
This park is said to be haunted by Francis Scott Key's son, who was reportedly killed here in a love triangle duel. Some say they've also seen a torso-less Navy hero roaming nearby.
La Carafe, Houston, Texas
Foursquare/Tony P.
Just looking at this creaky old wine bar will give you the willies. The bartender says he's heard thumps from upstairs and watched bottles fall off of shelves. SPOOKY.
Landmark Tavern, New York, New York
A Confederate soldier is rumored to haunt this charming neighborhood bar, where he died in a second-floor bathtub.
Hotel Provincia, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mounds Theatre, St. Paul, Minnesota
Foursquare/James J.
This little theater actually prides itself on being haunted. Take a tour to chill your bones with stories of "the usher that never left."
King's Tavern, Natchez, Mississippi
Stephen Saks via Getty Images
The flatbread is delicious here. But guests really visit to see Madeline, the waitress ghost who roams what the tavern claims is Mississippi Territory's oldest standing building.
Reynolda Gardens, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Sterling Stevens via Getty Images
They say a ghost roams the picnic spots and fields, bringing a blustery cold sensation with her.
Merchant's House Museum, New York, New York
They call this "the most haunted place in NYC." Show up for a ghost tour, but watch your back: people report being touched by invisible creatures.

See more of Foursquare's most haunted spots on their interactive map.

And if you need somewhere to slay stay while on your haunted U.S. tour, consider this:

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