Social Experiment Reveals The World's Most Honest Cities (VIDEO)

WATCH: Do You Live In One Of The World's Most Honest Cities?

Looking for the world's most honest city? You may need to go outside the U.S.

Reader’s Digest recently conducted a "Lost Wallet" Test to find which cities around the world had the highest return rates. Reporters dropped 12 wallets in 16 different cities, each containing a card with a name and phone number, a family photo and $50. The city of Helsinki in Finland was named the most honest city, with 11 of the 12 lost wallets returned.

New York City tied with Budapest, Hungary, as the next most honest city, with eight of the 12 dropped wallets being turned in. Lisbon, Portugal, was the least honest city, with only one wallet returned to its owner by a tourist.

Watch the video clip above to learn more about the social experiment, and head over to Reader's Digest to learn more.

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