Most Important And Influential Cats Of 2012 (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Is Tard The Most Important Cat Of 2012?

From the photographs that moved us, to the leaders who shaped our world, people everywhere are beginning to commemorate and celebrate the best, the brightest, and the most influential of the year past.

As we mull over the highlights of 2012, we must also pay homage to the undisputed ruler of the Interwebs -- the purring center around which the Webverse revolves.

Yes, that's right. We're talking about cats .

Last week, Buzzfeed released its list of the "30 Most Important Cats of 2012" -- and we, like feline fans everywhere, looked back at the year that was with sighs of nostalgic joy.

Remember Shishi-Maru, the Instagram superstar? The Hedgehog Mom Cat? Or Venus, the stunning chimera cat who stole our hearts? How about Lil Bub, the perma-kitten with no teeth? They were all celebrated as a few of Buzzfeed's favorite furry felines from 2012.

But the top spot went to an unlikely contender.

Buzzfeed's top cat of the year is none other than Tard, the grumpy cat, the "undisputed Curmudgeon of the Year."

"Never before has peevishness and irascibility been so cool as it is now, and we have one legendary animal to thank for that," wrote Buzzfeed in explanation of its decision.

MSN has also jumped onto the kitty celebration bandwagon, publishing its own list of the "Most Influential Cats of 2012" earlier this month.

Oskar the blind kitten made that top 18 list, as did angry cat Colonel Meow and Orville the dead cat helicopter.

But yet again, no one could topple Tard, the grumpiest of the grumpy, from her winner's podium.

Is Tard truly the top kitty of the year? Tell us in the comments below.

Click through this slideshow of some of this year's "Most Important/Influential Cats" and tell us what you think in the comments below.


Most Important/Influential Cats of 2012

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