Most Inappropriate Google Suggests Of All Time (PHOTOS, POLL)

Most Inappropriate Google Suggests Of All Time (PHOTOS, POLL)

The brainiacs at Google made Google Suggest to speed up our searches: type in a term, they told us, and you'll see some suggestions to make your life easier.

Easier, maybe, but also more scandalous. From the Google Suggests we found, we can only assume Googlers have got some strange, inappropriate, twisted minds...(see below for more on how Google Suggest works)

Have you been SHOCKED by Google's suggestions? Stunned by Google Suggest's WARPED mind? Show us what YOU think are the most inappropriate Google Suggests!

Here's what to do: click participate below, enter a description of what you typed into Google Suggest (and what shocked you) along with a screenshot of Google's inappropriate suggestions (if you want). Hit submit and you're done!

How does Google Suggest work? The short answer is this: the suggestions are taken from searches previous users all over the world have done on Google, as well as searches you've done, sites in Google's search index, and ads on Google. As one HuffPostTech reader notes, they're suggestions based off of searches by people just like you. Read more here.

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