The Most Likely Places To Lose Your Phone While Traveling

Where You're Most Likely To Lose A Cell Phone

Recently "misplaced" your cell phone and wondering where to start your search?

If you're on vacation, odds are you left it at that mesmerizing museum or at the gate while waiting for your flight. That's according to a survey conducted by the lifestyle insurance company Protect Your Bubble, which found 25.3 percent of cell phones are lost while sightseeing, while 23.4 percent take flight at the airport.

The remaining top spots for losing a phone while traveling are at a hotel (21.7 percent), on public transportation (18.1 percent), or in a rental car (11.5 percent).

Should you have the misfortune to lose your phone, take solace in the fact that you aren't alone.

Someone in America loses a cell phone or has one stolen about every 3.5 seconds, most often in a coffee shop, followed (unsurprisingly) by bars, and then offices, SmartMoney money reports. That statistic comes via Lookout, a company that specializes in apps that track lost cell phones. The group released a survey in 2012 based on aggregate data collected from its users.

According to Lookout's survey, top cities for losing cell phones in America are:
1. Philadelphia
2. Seattle
3. Oakland
4. Long Beach
5. Newark
6. Detroit
7. Cleveland
8. Baltimore
9. New York
10. Boston

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