Map Of 'America's Most Misspelled Words' Will Have You Shaking Your Head

Wisconsinites, we have some questions.

Need help spelling Wisconsin? Maybe don’t ask someone who actually lives there.

A new spelling map released by Google this week shows each U.S. state’s most Googled word for its spelling, and yes, Wisconsin’s word is Wisconsin.

Which word does your state most commonly ask Google to spell?
Which word does your state most commonly ask Google to spell?

The map was released in honor of the 90th Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee, which began on Tuesday.

According to the map, which is based on data collected between January and April of this year, “beautiful” is the most commonly misspelled word across a number of states, frequently searched in California, Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky and New York.

Maine, Alabama, Michigan, and Washington appeared to struggle with “pneumonia,” while Arkansas and South Carolina pondered over “Chihuahua,” Indiana and Delaware over “hallelujah,” and Connecticut and West Virginia over “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

We should note that an earlier list released by Google mistakenly identified the word “tomorrow” as Wisconsin’s word (Arizona and Colorado also appear to have difficulty with that spelling). A Google spokesperson confirmed to HuffPost on Wednesday that “Wisconsin” is indeed that state’s most misspelled word.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, online reactions to the map have involved a hefty amount of disbelief.

Fortunately, there were some Twitter users who were happy to offer tips on how to spell words like “banana” and “beautiful.” Others pitched words that they were surprised didn’t make the list.

The story has also been updated to include mention of Kentucky and Michigan, as well as Google’s previous error.

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this article, we mistakenly identified Nevada, instead of Arizona, as having trouble with spelling “tomorrow.” We’re OK at spelling, but need to brush up on our geography.

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