25 Of The Most Obvious Headlines Ever (PICTURES)

25 Of The Most Obvious Headlines Ever

Take it from us: crafting a succinct headline to summarize a news story isn't easy. Drawing readers' attention to a story, whether interesting or banal, can be an incredibly challenging exercise. But every once in a while we come across a headline that is so utterly unnecessary, it's as if it were written by Captain Obvious himself.

Take "Pregnant Girls Are Vulnerable To Weight Gain," "Most Earthquake Damage Is Caused By Shaking" and the rest of the laughable headlines below for example. When it comes to blurring the line between "Newsworthy" and "No duh," these headlines all do their part.

With that in mind, we collected 25 of the most painfully obvious headlines from newspapers and around the web. Take a look and vote accordingly!

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The Most Obvious Headlines Ever

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