Hayden Wilson, Andy Wrobel, Attempt Pancake Eating, Stacking World Records (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Batter up!

A Melbourne, Australia restaurant celebrated Shrove Tuesday, more commonly known as International Pancake Day, by trying to set not one, but two pancake world records.

The Pancake Parlour event led to Hayden Wilson eating 80 pancakes in 17 minutes and 26 seconds. If you can't digest that number, consider this: He ate more than 5.5 pounds of breakfast.

Guinness does not currently monitor a world record category for the most pancakes eaten, Guinness spokesperson Anne-Lise Rouse told HuffPost Weird News, so for now, Wilson, popularly called "Hungry Haydo," will have to settle for bragging rights.

A seasoned competitive eater, "Haydo" has raised close to $17,000 for prostate cancer through several out-of-the-ordinary eating challenges, consuming copious quantities of cheeseburgers, Vegemite, and, most recently, pancakes.

He offers a simple explanation for his munching passion: "I like to eat stuff."

On the same day, Andy Wrobel, Pancake Parlour chef, piled 50 pancakes 77 cm (2 ft, 6 in.) high in an effort to break the official Guinness World Record for Tallest Stack of Pancakes.

Wrobel is no first-timer -- his stacking attempts just didn't pan out in 2011 or 2012. The first year, his pile reached 61 cm before collapsing. The year after, he celebrated what he thought was a world-record winning 76 cm stack, only to find out the true Guinness record was 77 cm.

That means that this year, Wrobel has only matched the world record, which iscurrently held by Paul Dedroog and Alfons Lowie of Belgium. According to a Pancake Parlour press release, footage of Wrobel's feat is being sent to Guinness for an official judging. The World Record Academy, meanwhile, has already recognized his achievement.

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