Most People Haven't a Clue That I Starred in a Documentary Called 'My Millennial Life'

I was contacted by someone back in April regarding a documentary called "My Millennial Life." I couldn't believe my ears when I was told I was chosen to be featured because well, I didn't think I was that important. But, apparently, my story was something else. I've spent countless dollars commuting to New York for not one, but two internships, had plenty of writing experience--mostly unpaid--and was up to my knees in debt from college. And, when I told this to Maureen Judge--the director--she knew she had to follow my story.

So, in October 2014, Maureen and her crew traveled from Canada to Pennsylvania to film me working, chatting with family and boyfriend and walking through my daily routine of job hunting for the perfect position and going to past places that had special meaning. At first, it was strange being followed by a camera, but then, I got used to it and loved it. They attached a microphone to the inside of my clothes so they could hear me better and I felt like a star.

While they were there, I divulged my deep and dark secrets, not holding anything back. I talked about my fears, desires, disappoints being a college grad who lived at home. I know so many are going through the same thing, so I wanted to display a demeanor that read "I understand what you're going through and I'm going to help you through it."

We went all over and they asked me questions about how I was feeling, what I was thinking and what the place meant to me. I didn't hold back. I didn't even hold back when they asked me personal things. They told me they'd come back a few more times to get a glance of where I was at.

The second time focused on me deciding to move to Tennessee with my boyfriend. He landed a job and we mutually decided to move. It was the biggest decision of my life and Maureen and her crew were there every step of the way to see how I felt and what would happen once we moved. They even came while we were settling into our new apartment.

"My Millennial Life" will premiere next year sometime and I cannot wait to see my journey on film. I hope you'll watch and relate to my decision.

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