The 10 Most Pinned Destinations In The World

The 10 Most Pinned Destinations In The World

If it seems like we're telling you where the next "it" place is or how to get to that uber-remote island you simply can't miss out on every single day, it's because we are. But when it comes to compiling that perfect bucket list, we want to make sure you've seen all your options before hand-picking the destinations that need to be seen in this lifetime.

You've got the most Instagrammed spots and the most checked-in places on Facebook to consider, so the most pinned places on Pinterest is the only logical statistic we're missing.

The Eiffel Tower wears the ultimate crown coming in at number one. Pinterest looked at all of the Place Pins currently in their system -- there are more than 750 million Place Pins and more than 2 million Place boards -- and found which Pins were the most popular based on re-Pins. Seems simple enough, right?

There really aren't any big shockers making this list, but they sure are fun to look at. Check out the full top 10 and be sure to pin them to your bucket list boards, ASAP.

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris
eiffel tower

2. Walt Disney World, Florida

3. Lake Abraham, Canada

4. Central Park, New York City
central park nyc

5. Blue Lagoon, Iceland
blue lagoon iceland

6. Glacier National Park, Montana
us glacier national park

7. Glass Beach, MacKerricher State Park, California
glass beach fort bragg

8. Yosemite National Park, California
yosemite national park

9. Brooklyn Bridge
brooklyn bridge

10. Four Corners National Monument
four corners monument

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