These Were The Most Popular Baby Names In 1947

The Social Security Administration's data shows what parents were naming their newborns three-quarters of a century ago.

Linda, Donna, Richard, Larry. You don’t often see these names on birth announcements these days, but at one time, they were among the most popular choices for newborns.

Specifically, they were in the Social Security Administration’s official list of the top 10 baby names 75 years ago. Although everything seems to have changed when it comes to girls’ names, it’s worth noting that some of the most popular names for boys in 1947 (such as James and William) remain common today.

We look back at the most popular baby names 75 years ago.
Archive Photos via Getty Images
We look back at the most popular baby names 75 years ago.

Those that have dropped down the ranking could also be due for a comeback. Whether you’re looking for vintage name inspiration or simply curious about the baby boomer generation, you can learn a lot by looking at the trends of three-quarters of a century ago.

Without further ado, here are the 25 most popular baby names for boys and girls born in 1947.


  1. Linda

  2. Mary

  3. Patricia

  4. Barbara

  5. Sandra

  6. Carol

  7. Nancy

  8. Susan

  9. Sharon

  10. Donna

  11. Kathleen

  12. Judith

  13. Karen

  14. Judy

  15. Carolyn

  16. Margaret

  17. Betty

  18. Diane

  19. Shirley

  20. Joyce

  21. Brenda

  22. Janice

  23. Janet

  24. Cheryl

  25. Elizabeth


  1. James

  2. Robert

  3. John

  4. William

  5. Richard

  6. David

  7. Michael

  8. Thomas

  9. Charles

  10. Larry

  11. Ronald

  12. Gary

  13. Donald

  14. Joseph

  15. Kenneth

  16. George

  17. Dennis

  18. Paul

  19. Edward

  20. Jerry

  21. Stephen

  22. Daniel

  23. Frank

  24. Steven

  25. Roger