The Ten Most Popular Black Celebrity Hairstyles

Internet search statistics yield valuable insights into the things people are thinking about, and the questions they most want answered. I recently posted a blog about female celebrities with the most Googled hair in the world. The winner was Lady GaGa, with 40,500 global monthly searches.

Next, I thought it might be interesting to check out the global monthly search stats on the hairstyles of black celebrities, to see whose was the most popular. The top ten list is a diverse group, consisting of seven recording artists, two actresses, one television presenter, one supermodel and one First Lady; (you can guess who). The list is almost exclusively African American, with just two black Brits -- Leona Lewis and Naomi Campbell -- in the top ten. Overall, two names dominate the table -- Rihanna and Beyoncé -- whose rankings are as much to do with their overall popularity as singing stars as it is to do with the particulars of their hair choices. The top ten also yields a few surprises -- Michelle Obama's hair is more popular than Naomi Campbell's for example, while Halle Berry's short crop beats Nicki Minaj's restless plethora of multi-coloured weaves. In the battle of the television personalities, Tyra Banks is in at number five, while Oprah doesn't make the list at all.

Check out the full listing to see who scores highest:

Black Beauty: The History of Black and African American Hair and Beauty by Ben Arogundade is out now.

The 10 Most Popular Black Celebrity Hairstyles