These Are The Most Popular Books Set In Every State

NetCredit broke down the top books that take place in each of the 50 states.

If you’re looking to explore the 50 states without leaving your home, there are certain ways to go about it. In addition to virtual tourism, you can go on adventures from home through the pages of a good book.

Consider the large canon of books set in different parts of the United States. Personal loan company NetCredit put together a map highlighting the most popular book set in every state.

Courtesy of NetCredit

From classics like “To Kill A Mockingbird” (Alabama) and “Little Women” (Massachusetts) to more modern picks like “The Lovely Bones” (Pennsylvania) and “Ready Player One” (Ohio), there are many options for those with different literary tastes.

NetCredit put together the map by compiling a lengthy list of famous books explicitly set in certain states and then comparing their Goodreads ratings, number of ratings and number of reviews. The team also shared the most popular quote from each book based on the passages most frequently highlighted by Kindle readers.

Courtesy of NetCredit
Courtesy of NetCredit
Courtesy of NetCredit

Visit NetCredit for more information about the books and the methodology behind this map series.

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