The Most Popular Drugs In Hip-Hop Lyrics And The Top Rappers Talking About Them

The Rappers Who Reference Drugs The Most Are ...

Following the report of hip-hop artists with the largest vocabularies, Project Know decided to tap into the RapGenius database and pull out the prevalence of drug-related lyrics in hip-hop, breaking it down by slang variation. To little surprise, results show that marijuana and cocaine are by far the most common drugs discussed in songs. Separated into the five categories of weed, cocaine, pharmaceutical drugs, codeine and MDMA, Project Know then determined the top five rappers for each category. Lil B takes the top spot for referencing cocaine, codeine and MDMA (surprising, despite his seemingly endless discography). Eminem mentioned pharmaceutical drugs most, while Three 6 Mafia cited marijuana more often than anyone else.

hip hop drugs

To see how the prevalence of each of these categories has chalked up over the last 25 years, head over to Project Know's full report.

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