The Most Popular Halloween Costume In Every State, Via Google

And D.C.!

If you live in Kentucky, you might see more scarecrows walking around than usual this Halloween. And Hawaii's in for a Minion invasion, according to the folks at Google, who kept track of Halloween costume search queries from Sept. 8 to Oct. 8.

Even if some of the costumes are somewhat ... offensive -- ahem, Massachusetts (Caitlyn Jenner?) -- we won't judge.

Take a look at the ranking below and see how your state stacks up.

Alabama: The Grinch
Alaska: Sailor
Arizona: Piglet
Arkansas: Batgirl
California: Sarah Sanderson
Colorado: Wilfred
Connecticut: Hermione Granger
D.C.: Firefighter
Delaware: Harley Quinn
Florida: Mr. Smee
Georgia: Fluttershy
Hawaii: Minion
Idaho: Mal
Illinois: Cat
Indiana: Marilyn Monroe
Iowa: Pink Ladies
Kansas: Dinosaur
Kentucky: Scarecrow
Louisiana: Nemo
Maine: Catwoman
Maryland: Cabaret
Massachusetts: Caitlyn Jenner
Michigan: Renaissance
Minnesota: Sven
Mississippi: Tourist
Missouri: Saloon Girl
Montana: Maleficent
Nebraska: Grease
Nevada: Toy Story
New Hampshire: Kiss
New Jersey: Rapper
New Mexico: Steampunk
New York: Cinderella
North Carolina: Darth Revan
North Dakota: Scooby Doo
Ohio: Brutus Buckeye
Oklahoma: Peppa Pig
Oregon: Pebbles
Pennsylvania: The Pope
Rhode Island: Evie
South Carolina: Grim Reaper
South Dakota: Witch
Tennessee: Sock Monkey
Texas: La Catrina
Utah: Dr. Horrible
Vermont: Pocahontas
Virginia: Dolphins
Washington: Star Wars
Wisconsin: Groot
West Virginia: Vampire
Wyoming: Donald Duck

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