The Most Popular Halloween Costume In Every State, Via Google

And D.C.!
10/16/2015 12:20pm ET | Updated November 25, 2015

If you live in Kentucky, you might see more scarecrows walking around than usual this Halloween. And Hawaii's in for a Minion invasion, according to the folks at Google, who kept track of Halloween costume search queries from Sept. 8 to Oct. 8.

Even if some of the costumes are somewhat ... offensive -- ahem, Massachusetts (Caitlyn Jenner?) -- we won't judge.

Take a look at the ranking below and see how your state stacks up.

Alabama: The Grinch
Alaska: Sailor
Arizona: Piglet
Arkansas: Batgirl
California: Sarah Sanderson
Colorado: Wilfred
Connecticut: Hermione Granger
D.C.: Firefighter
Delaware: Harley Quinn
Florida: Mr. Smee
Georgia: Fluttershy
Hawaii: Minion
Idaho: Mal
Illinois: Cat
Indiana: Marilyn Monroe
Iowa: Pink Ladies
Kansas: Dinosaur
Kentucky: Scarecrow
Louisiana: Nemo
Maine: Catwoman
Maryland: Cabaret
Massachusetts: Caitlyn Jenner
Michigan: Renaissance
Minnesota: Sven
Mississippi: Tourist
Missouri: Saloon Girl
Montana: Maleficent
Nebraska: Grease
Nevada: Toy Story
New Hampshire: Kiss
New Jersey: Rapper
New Mexico: Steampunk
New York: Cinderella
North Carolina: Darth Revan
North Dakota: Scooby Doo
Ohio: Brutus Buckeye
Oklahoma: Peppa Pig
Oregon: Pebbles
Pennsylvania: The Pope
Rhode Island: Evie
South Carolina: Grim Reaper
South Dakota: Witch
Tennessee: Sock Monkey
Texas: La Catrina
Utah: Dr. Horrible
Vermont: Pocahontas
Virginia: Dolphins
Washington: Star Wars
Wisconsin: Groot
West Virginia: Vampire
Wyoming: Donald Duck

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