12 Most Popular Colleges For Journalism In 2012: StateUniversity.com

The 12 Most Popular Colleges For Journalism

There are a couple professions with approval ratings so low, one might wonder why anyone would head to college with a goal to work towards those careers: politicians and journalists.

Congress currently has an approval rating of 14 percent. Journalists aren't as bad off, but according to Gallup polling, U.S. distrust of mass media is on a steady increase.

Still, thousands of eager young news gatherers head to college with aspirations of becoming a reporter. These are the 12 schools that have the most students studying journalism, according to StateUniversity.com, in the slideshow below.

12. The University of Texas at Austin

Most Popular Schools for Journalism (StateUniversity.com)

Editor's Note: An earlier version of the slideshow above contained figures of enrollment from StateUniversity.com. They have been removed pending confirmation or clarification from the website.

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