The Most Popular Movies On Netflix Right Now Besides 'Concrete Cowboy'

A '90s classic, a Netflix superhero film and a 2020 horror movie top the latest ranking.

“Thunder Force” is the most popular movie on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system. The film is also the most popular offering on Netflix, regardless of format.

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer star as estranged childhood best friends who come together to fight crimes after one develops a formula that can give regular people superpowers. Netflix’s “Thunder Force” premiered on April 9 and also features Jason Bateman, Bobby Cannavale, Melissa Leo and McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falcone.

"Thunder Force" on Netflix. 
"Thunder Force" on Netflix. 

The second most popular film on the platform is the 1994 family classic “The Little Rascals,” proving that Alfalfa and Darla’s love story is truly timeless. In third is “Sniper: Ghost Shooter,” a 2016 direct-to-video action film that was the sixth installment in the “Sniper” series.

Many of the other movies in the top 10 right now are non-Netflix comedies, such as “Legally Blonde,” “Friends With Benefits” and “The Stand In.”

As for Netflix original offerings, there’s also “Concrete Cowboy” starring Idris Elba and “Two Distant Strangers,” an Academy Award-nominated live action short film about a Black graphic designer trapped in a time loop.

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1. “Thunder Force” (Netflix)