These Are The Most Popular Pizza Toppings In The U.S.

Apparently, it’s all about the meat.
Pepperoni is a top-three pizza topping for 52 percent of Americans, according to a new YouGov survey.
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Pepperoni is a top-three pizza topping for 52 percent of Americans, according to a new YouGov survey.

Pizza toppings are often a source of heated discussion among Americans. While the great pineapple debate is a classic example, other controversial choices include anchovies, strawberries and even Peeps.

For National Pizza Day, YouGov shared some new data about Americans’ pizza topping preferences. In short: It’s all about the meat.

According to the research, 52 percent of Americans surveyed said pepperoni is one of their three favorite pizza toppings. Thirty-four percent included sausage in their top three, and 31 percent listed mushrooms. Bacon and plain/mozzarella cheese each were named top-three picks by 20 percent of respondents.

On the other end, 49 percent of those polled selected anchovies as one of their three least favorite pizza toppings. Also at the bottom were eggplant (disliked by 30 percent), pineapple (24 percent) and artichokes (24 percent).


Pizza topping preferences vary by age and location. According to YouGov’s data, people in the West are more likely to pick pineapple as a favorite pizza topping, and people 18 to 34 years old also tend to be more into pineapple. Meanwhile, only 9 percent of Americans 55 or older chose the tropical fruit as a favorite topping, and 28 percent counted it among their least favorites.

Another interesting breakdown involves the popularity of olives. Of those surveyed, 12 percent said they are a favorite, while 14 percent categorized them as a least favorite. Similarly, 8 percent chose chicken as a favorite, while 6 percent called it a least favorite.

Topping disagreements aside, pizza remains very popular in the U.S., with 73 percent of respondents saying they generally eat pizza at least monthly, including 21 percent who said they have it at least weekly. Those in the 18-to-34 age range are almost three times as likely as those in the 55-or-older set to say they eat pizza at least weekly.

This survey was conducted using an online interview administered to members of the YouGov PLC panel of 1.2 million individuals who have agreed to take part in surveys. For more interesting pizza stats, check out the full breakdown on YouGov.

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