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The Most Popular Sex Toys, According To The City You Live In

Just how sexy is your city?

We all like to let our freak flag fly, but it seems some cities have theirs hoisted higher than others. Lovehoney, the popular sex toy retailer, just launched an interactive sex map of United States that shares the sexy secrets of 250 cities including their preferred sex toy, role-play scenario, and top-selling products.

According to the Lovehoney Sex Map, the “Sexiest City in America” is Morgantown, West Virginia which ranked number one in multiple categories including vibrators, butt plugs, and bondage. Boulder, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah were runners-up, with a fetish for raspberry flavored lube and fantasies of french-maid and butler roleplay.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite cities with their sexy ranking and one of their most purchased products. Scroll below to see to see some of the most purchased sex toys in certain cities or head over to the Lovehoney Sex Map to find out just how sexy your city is.

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Ranked 11th: Miami, Florida
Ranked 33rd: Seattle, Washington
Ranked 93rd: San Francisco, California
Ranked 174th: Chicago, Illinois
Ranked 220th: Memphis, Tennessee
Ranked 237th: Los Angeles, California