Most Retweeted Words Ranked By SmartData Collective

RANKED: The 9 Most Retweetable Words

From "how to's" to product launches, social media is a hot topic among bloggers. But what type of content do tweeters prioritize--and share?

SmartData Collective set out to get answers. Using text mining and predictive analytics, Themos Kalafatis analyzed the titles of 3,000 "social media" blog posts in order to identify "words and phrases that are commonly found in posts with a high number of retweets (>40)." In other words, what terms have a positive impact on the likelihood of a blog being retweeted?

Kalafatis explains,

The following features have been taken into consideration :- Author of Post- Title of Post- Number of Retweets

Check out the 9 terms that have a positive weight on the popularity of blog posts in the slideshow below. The findings? Posts on personal branding, "Internet Word Of Mouth," and discussion of "possibilities in a positive way" seem to be most interesting to Twitter users. Tell us what conclusions you draw from the data in the comments below.(h/t ReadWriteWeb)


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