Most-Searched Celebrities Of The Past 12 Years: Britney Spears Dominates List

The Most-Searched Celebrity Of The Past 12 Years Is ...

Somewhere, coy reality star Kim Kardashian is petting her fur kitten Mercy, blessing the Internet Gods who yielded her the most-searched celebrity for the second year in a row, according to Yahoo!'s latest report.

But the fame-seeking Kardashian is only making up for lost time. Turns out, one person has clearly dominated the top-searched lists for the past decade or so: Britney Spears. She's topped the lists for a whopping seven of the 12 years. That makes her the most-searched celebrity since basically the inception of the internet (or something *hair-flip*).

Using Yahoo! as the metric, here is the list in full:


Most-Searched Celebrities Of The Past 12 Years

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