The Most Talked About Celebrities Of 2013

On Tuesday (Dec. 17), Google released their top trending and search lists of the year. The Nelson Mandela and the Boston bombing dominated various lists alongside the search for "What is twerking?" As for most-searched people of 2013, Miley's favorite activity landed her atop a somewhat predictable list.

Here are the top 10:

1. Miley Cyrus miley cyrus Miley likely ranked the highest on Google's list because of twerking. She spent 2013 breaking off an engagement, smoking a blunt on stage (at the EMAS), and swinging around on a wrecking ball, naked and crying. You probably missed a lot of important news while all that was happening.

2. Drake drake Drake is a surprise at second place, especially on a list that also contains the name "Beyonce." Although, the year wasn't without accomplishments for the rapper. He helped Beyonce with "Beyonce," briefly starred in "Anchorman 2" and received multiple Grammy nods (despite not showing up for the nominations concert).

3. Kim Kardashian kim kardashian Kim Kardashian is almost constantly the subject of rumors -- the most recent of which alleges she waxed North West's eyebrows. On top of the usual obsession with her every move, the woman who is famous for being famous had a baby, received an enormous engagement ring via Jumbotron proposal and made the shockingly unsurprising decision to televise yet another wedding.

4. Justin Bieber justin bieber Le petit Canadian has been spitting all over the place since early January. He abandoned his pet monkey in Germany, said he hoped Anne Frank "would have been a Belieber" and peed in a bucket while insulting a former president. In any case, all of of his antics seem to have tired him out: he announced Dec. 18 that he's "retiring."

5. Beyonce beyonce At number one on Bing's list, Bey surprisingly came in only midway down Google's results. Of all the Bey moments of 2013, the most surprising / awesome / life-changing thing was obviously her surprise visual album (which quickly sold over one million albums and rose to No. 1). The Queen of the Universe doesn't need salacious headlines to keep you talking.

6. Rihanna rihanna Rihanna made waves when she wore a doobie wrap to the AMAs, at which her mother presented her with the honor of the first-ever Icon Award. The Barbadian also spent 2013 posting various Instagrams of her butt that seemed to culminate in her controversial "Pour It Up" video, featuring a denim thong.

7. Taylor Swift taylor swift America's most famous jam maker faked surprised over a lot of awards in 2013. Earlier in the year, she said some definitely not endearing things about there being a "special place in hell" for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but the 24-year-old was able to make amends by a PR repair that including leaving a very sizable tip and inviting Lorde to her birthday party.

8. Selena Gomez selena gomez In 2013, Selena Gomez conducted her "Stars Dance" tour after ending things with petit Canadian Justin Bieber. Her personal life also included a scuffle with Lorde, an enduring friendship with with Taylor Swift and lots of short shorts. Gomez briefly came under fire for her MTV movie awards performance, which included the inappropriate use of a bindi as an accessory.

9. Katy Perry katy perry ama "Roar" was a huge success for Katy Perry this year. The 29-year-old continued her relationship with John Mayer, which culminated in a very romantic video for their duet "Who You Love." On the negative side of things, a particularly controversial AMA performance and claims of ripping off Sara Bareilles' "Brave" left the pop princess with some harsher criticism than she dealt with in the past.

10. Kanye West kanye west Over the course of 2013, Kanye dropped the commercially successful "Yeezus," had a baby with Kim Kardashian basically on Father's Day and sold $120 t-shirts all while making a lot of bizarre and controversial self-comparisons (i.e. Steve Jobs, Jesus, God). He got snubbed at the Grammys, but we all know Kanye doesn't need an award to be relevant.



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