Most Tattooed City In America Is Miami Beach, Florida (PHOTOS)

The Most Tattooed City In America Is...

Think Brooklyn or Seattle have the inkiest residents? Think again. got serious about finding the most tattoo-ified city in America, scouring Yellow Pages, Google listings and something called the "AAA Tattoo Directory" (who knew?) to find out which cities boasted the most tattoo parlors -- or more specifically, the biggest tattoo parlor/residents ratio.

What they found is surprising -- sort of. There are cities whose tattoos likely fall into the arty, hipster category, and those that fall more with the bikini-clad, beach-goer crowd.

And then there are cities that we would have never considered at all. Hint: one unexpected city is the hometown of the most tattooed woman in the world.

Take a look at the top five and head to to see the rest of the list -- including where major metropolises like LA, NYC and Chicago fall.

5. Portland, Oregon

Tattooed Cities

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