Most Tattooed City In America Is Miami Beach, Florida (PHOTOS)

Think Brooklyn or Seattle have the inkiest residents? Think again. got serious about finding the most tattoo-ified city in America, scouring Yellow Pages, Google listings and something called the "AAA Tattoo Directory" (who knew?) to find out which cities boasted the most tattoo parlors -- or more specifically, the biggest tattoo parlor/residents ratio.

What they found is surprising -- sort of. There are cities whose tattoos likely fall into the arty, hipster category, and those that fall more with the bikini-clad, beach-goer crowd.

And then there are cities that we would have never considered at all. Hint: one unexpected city is the hometown of the most tattooed woman in the world.

Take a look at the top five and head to to see the rest of the list -- including where major metropolises like LA, NYC and Chicago fall.

Tattooed Cities