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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These 15 Amazing Pillows

You're going to want to rest your head on all of these pillows.

A pillow is a very important thing in your life. Some people take their pillows really seriously, and some just don't. Are you a side sleeper? Or do you like pillows upon pillows around you as lounge? Or kitschy cute, especially in your guest room? Do you, perhaps, dream about food?

Whatever your thing is, we've found the perfect pillow for you. Here are 15 pillows for every single kind of person.

1. This body "hugging" pillow for the person who can't bear to sleep alone at night.


2. This fish pillow is for the person who always dreamt of a life at sea... or something.


3. This "Multi Position" pillow is for the person who sleeps every which way except on their back.


4. These pillows are for the guests who always end up staying... longer than you expected.


5. This "OSTRICH PILLOW" for the person who needs to take a nap right. this. minute.


6. This "Handy napping pillow" for the person who can magically manage to get in a nap standing up.


7. These "puzzle pillows" for the couple who can't get enough of each other.


8. This wedding picture pillow for the "just married" pair.


9. And these "My Half Your Half" pillows for the couple who needs their own space.


10. These junk food pillows for couch potatoes who want to lounge on something almost as delicious looking as their snacks.


11. Or these "sweet treats" pillows for the person who would rather fast forward to dessert.


12. This "nigiri salmon" pillow is for the person who eats sushi on a daily basis.


13. This French bulldog pillow for the person who wants a trendy dog to sleep with, but doesn't want the responsibility.


14. These "emoji pillows" for that person who falls asleep still texting their friends. (P.S. You shouldn't be!)


15. And this "rolled banknote" pillow for the people who dream of making more money every single night -- aka, all of us.


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