The Most Uniquely Absurd Super Bowl Snack In Every State, According To Google

Alaska's sure is ... something.
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The Super Bowl is coming, which means Google has once again revealed more of America’s absurd snacking habits. The search engine has provided data for the most uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes by state in the U.S. over the past week.

We’re hoping to get invited to Super Bowl parties in Utah, Oklahoma and New Mexico, where residents get down with jalapeño poppers, French onion dip and ranch spinach dip, respectively. Meanwhile, Nebraskans will chow down on something called “cream cheese jalapeño hamburgers,” and folks in Hawaii can hold their heads high knowing they lead the search for nachos.

According to a Google spokesperson, the company looked for searches that are over-represented in each state (as opposed to the U.S. overall). It then reported each state’s most popular unique search term. This means that “dill pickle dip with dried beef” (yes, you read that correctly) is actually a popular search in Alaska.

If you need help finding a recipe for your state’s most uniquely searched dish, don’t forget that Google Home’s recipe feature can help you find a recipe and then walk you through every step of the process, as if there’s an invisible little cooking instructor in your kitchen.

Check out Google’s results below to find out which recipes people are searching for at a local level.

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