'Brighton' Just May Be One Of The Most Uplifting Music Videos Ever

WATCH: The Most Uplifting Music Video Ever

This is one of the most uplifting music videos we think we've ever seen.

Produced by Public Record, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker collective, the clip tells the true story of a starry-eyed young couple, Lincoln and Hilary, who move out of the city to start a farm in rural Pennsylvania. However, they are set back when Lincoln is diagnosed with cancer. (Don't worry; the video has a happy ending.)

The footage used in the video was taken from an unreleased documentary called "We Live Outside," according to the video's description.

Set to the song "Brighton" by Brooklyn-based indie rock band Alagoas, the video is guaranteed to make you break out in warm, tingly goosebumps -- if not tears.

Click the video above to watch.

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