Mostly Free Ideas For Celebrating Valentine's Day Throughout The Year

Life is too short to not let your loved ones know you love them and let them know often, be it a parent, sibling, significant other, pet -- anyone!
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Valentine's Day ... I never truly understood it. As history would have it, loved ones exchange flowers and candies in the name of St. Valentine. It's supposed to be this big day of romance. But, my philosophy is: when you love someone, you shouldn't need a holiday to tell you to do nice things for them; we should have our own Valentine's Days throughout the year whenever we feel like it.

Life is too short to not let your loved ones know you love them and let them know often, be it a parent, sibling, significant other, pet -- anyone! If you ask me, Valentine's Day should be celebrated throughout the year. I also believe that showing someone you love them does not need to be extravagant especially if you don't have the funds for that and thus, here are some of my ideas on how to "celebrate Valentine's Day" throughout the year.

1. Say it in a text message.

Send a loved one an unexpected text message to show them you love them and are thinking of them. Insert cute emoji, maybe a cute drawing too? You could even send a photo like a meme or a photo of something from one of your inside jokes.


2. Write a love note the old fashioned way.

Grab a pen and paper to handwrite a love note. Slip it in your significant other's lunch bag, briefcase, or purse so that they can get a nice surprise when they get to the office. You don't have to be a poet to write a love note or even be the world's best speller -- just get something thoughtful down on paper.

3. Make them breakfast in bed.

Thanks to the power of the Internet and wide range of DIY cooking shows, we can all somewhat be chefs now. When your loved one is sleeping, sneak into the kitchen and whip them up a restaurant style breakfast. My favorite breakfast? Pancakes! Resources like My Great Recipes, Food Network, and Tasty offer a bunch of great ideas for a wide range of taste buds.

4. Pick them up a just because gift.

At a store or shopping online and see something that you know someone you love would like? Pick it up for them and give it to them just because you were thinking of them.

5. Plan an unexpected night out.

Have Friday night movie nights always been your thing? This Friday surprise your loved one with dinner at their favorite restaurant, a museum tour, or tickets to see a show -- whatever it is that they have a different interest in besides movie night. For creative date ideas, check out our article Date Ideas Inspired by Great RomComs.

6. Just listen.

We often ask people, "how are you, how was your day?" But how often do you actually just sit back and listen? How often do you ask questions to get more information on how someone's day actually was? Show you care by truly listening. Be a better listener by making the conversation more about them and less about you, ask engaging questions, and give the person speaking your undivided attention (no fiddling with your cellphone).

7. Do a chore for them that you know they don't like doing or simply need help with.

Does she often do the laundry and you take out the trash? Does her car need to be cleaned but she hates cleaning it? Take the initiative to do something for your loved one that they typically do but either dislike doing and could use a helping hand with. Just do it for them without saying anything. Imagine the look on their face when they see it has been done and you did it without hesitation?

8. Send them a letter via snail mail.

In the age of email and texting, how many people do you know who still send letters via snail mail? I can't think of any! The closest my circle comes to this is sending cards around the holidays. Send a loved one you don't get to see or talk to nearly as much as you'd like to good old-fashioned snail mail letting them know you are thinking of them and are hoping they are well.

9. Show up with their favorite food.

As I write this one, I think of my one grandma. She loves when I make her apple cake! Whenever I visit her, I try to bring something that she likes to eat because I know doing so always brings an extra big smile to her face! Show up unexpectedly and bring food!

As another calendar Valentine's Day turns a corner, may your heart be filled with great love!

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