Mother And Daughter Arrested For Shooting Heroin At Gas Station

A 6-month-old child was in the backseat with a dirty diaper


A mother and daughter face child endangerment and other charges after police said they shot heroin in front of a baby.

Courtney Jording, 23, and her mother, Karen Gillespie, 43, were arrested last Wednesday in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. A witness called police after she allegedly saw Jording inject her mother's arm, according to WPXI-TV.

Responding officers found Gillespie in the driver's seat, and Jording's 6-month-old baby was in the back seat of the car. Cops also found 41 stamped bags of heroin, 16 empty bags, four syringes and two spoons inside in the vehicle,  according to


<span>Courtney Jording (left) and her mother, Karen Gillespie, are accused of shooting heroin at a Pennsylvania gas station.<
Courtney Jording (left) and her mother, Karen Gillespie, are accused of shooting heroin at a Pennsylvania gas station.


But  police say that's not all that was wrong. 

"The car seat was not secured. It was just sitting in the back seat," Capt. Chad  Zucco of the Greensburg Police Department told CBS Pittsburgh. "Further, the child had a wet diaper. [Officers] looked in the car to find diapers for the baby and there were none."

Gillespie and Jording were charged with criminal conspiracy, child endangerment, criminal use of a communication facility and possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to manufacture or deliver.

They were both taken to the Westmoreland County Prison on $10,000 straight bond. Gillespie remains behind bars.

Jording's child is now being cared for by Gillespie's parents.

Robert Jording, Gillespie's father, told WTAE TV that his daughter has had a drug issue for a while.

"It's not the first time she was in trouble for drugs. She was in trouble the whole time she lived in Maryland," he told the station. "She told me when she left yesterday that she was going to a doctor's appointment... But that was a bunch of crap. She didn't have a doctor's appointment."


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