Mother And Daughter's Late-Night Tampon Run Convo Is Pure Gold

"Vaginas are SECRET."
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If Lorelai and Rory Gilmore ever went on a late-night tampon run, this is probably how it would go. Arkansas mom Belinda Hankins posted a hilarious text exchange with her daughter Sunday during what turned out to be a very eventful trip to a local Walmart to pick up some feminine hygiene necessities.

“THIS was the highlight of my parenting week,” Hankins wrote in a Facebook post.

Hankins had her 13-year-old daughter run in to buy some tampons ― a task that didn’t go as smoothly as planned. Diapers, lube, condoms and even joint braces were easily found. But nope, not the pads and tampons. Seriously, why are feminine hygiene products so hard to find? Hankins and her daughter seem to know the secret.

“Vaginas are SECRET,” Hankins texted.

To which her daughter hilariously responded:

“Seriously, why are men so afraid of women and vaginas? Do they think if they acknowledge their existence we will shoot our laser estrogen beams out of our eyes at them and disintegrate them?”

The post has since gotten over 57,000 shares and thousands of likes, but Hankins said in a follow-up post that she’s also come across some trolls who are questioning her parenting skills.

All we can say is that she’s raising a seriously clever daughter.

Check out the full conversation and remember her daughter’s important lesson: “SMASH THE PATRIARCHY.”

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