Mother Claims Son Was Forced To Drink Urine By School Bullies

A mother from Ellwood City, Pa. claims several high school football players forced her 13-year-old son to drink urine out of a plastic soda bottle while he was riding his bike, and is demanding school and police authorities take action, WPXI reported.

Although charges against the football players were dropped by the Ellwood City Police department and the boys have been disciplined "according to school policy," the son's mother told the station that she doesn't think justice has been served.

"I want to see Ellwood City Schools take further action on the boys. I mean it's happening way too often to these kids. It's every day somebody's getting beat up. They're getting pushed. They're getting punched. They're getting taunted."

She isn't the only mother taking action against schools for failing to prevent extreme bullying.

Roxana Spady, a Columbus, Neb. mother, has filed a claim against Columbus Public Schools for allegedly failing to protect her son from a brutal hazing attack.

Spady claims her son was "physically assaulted, held while a team member defecated in a dormitory toilet, and then dunked into that toilet with feces ..."

The mother seeks $650,000 from the public school system, and accuses chaperones as well as the head wrestling coach of poor supervision.

According to reports, the claim also alleges the teen was the victim of continued bullying after school officials were notified.