Could A Messy Room Be The Cause Of A Mother/Daughter Estrangement?

Courtney, 20, says she was kicked out of her mother's home when she was 15 years old after a fight about a mess she made in the kitchen and living room. Her mom, Beverly, admits, "It was one of the worst moments ever in my life. I lost control." But she says Courtney chose to walk out and move in with her father, which led to a bitter custody battle. What really happened? Watch the video above as both women share their points of view.

Five years later, the scars still run deep for this estranged mother and daughter. Watch Friday's episode of Dr. Phil, “Kicked Out At 15? Is This an Ungrateful Daughter or Is Mom Delusional?" to find out what's driving a wedge in this fractured family, and how they can move forward after years of estrangement.

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