Can A Mother And Daughter At Odds For Decades Bury The Hatchet? (VIDEO)

Amber, 24, is still mad at her mother for years of what she calls verbal, emotional and physical attacks. Her mom, Julie, says she's never laid a hand on her daughter — except in self-defense.

Julie admits that one time when her kids didn't do their chores, she got so upset that she started throwing dishes. But, she explains, "After that one incident, I was never physical with my children."

Amber also criticizes her mom for making her feel inadequate, and for giving more affection to her siblings. "My mom constantly nitpicked every detail of my life," says Amber, who is now married and a mom. "I don't remember my mom ever complimenting me for any of my achievements."

Julie sees it differently. "I had to be hyper-vigilant so she didn't spin out of control," she says about her daughter. "Amber is always the victim and she always makes me out to the be the bitch," she adds.

"Our relationship is extremely toxic and at this point, I don't want her in my life," says Amber. "It's been 15 years of crap, and I'm fed up."

Turning to Dr. Phil for help, Julie says, "At this point, I don't even care if I'm thrown under the bus. I just want to quit this stupid cycle of madness."

Watch the video above as each woman shares her point of view, and see how Dr. Phil suggests they can bury the hatchet.

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